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Digital Stories with Adobe Spark

Bring your imagination and creativity in this easy to learn course. You will use the free Adobe app, Spark Video, to create digital stories to share with your family and friends. You will learn how to use the Spark Video app, as well as basic videography techniques, voice-over, and editing. To participate, you will use a digital camera from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Get ready to tell some stories!


Activity 10: Instructor Helpdesk

Hello Storytellers! Instructor Rylie is available on Zoom to help you out if you are having trouble:

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Activity 11: Storyboarding

When you are going to create a story video, Storyboarding is a must.

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Activity 1: Introduction to Digital Storytelling

Have you ever wanted a way to create short movies to share with your family or friends? Adobe Spark Video makes the creating and editing of your stories easier than ever!

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Activity 2: Learning Spark Video Basics

Instructor Rylie will lead you through sign-on, creating a new video, and the basic interface of Adobe Spark Video. Goals: Create an Adobe account so that you can save your work Understand the difference between a Spark Video template and starting from scratch Become familiar with the layout and buttons of Spark Video

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Activity 3: Adding Media and Themes

In this lesson you will learn the basics of adding media to your Spark Video. You've created your first Spark Video project. Now it is time to add pictures, video, and voice to create exciting stories!

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Activity 4: Editing Spark Video

Now that you've added some picture or video clips, we will now learn how to edit using the Spark Video workspace. To complete this activity, have your Spark Video Project open, with media already added.

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Activity 5: Add Voice

This brief activity will go over how to add a Voice-Over to your Spark Project.

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Activity 6: Your First Story

Now that you know that basics of how to use Spark Video, it is time to put together your first story!

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Activity 7: Sharing Your Story

In this activity, you will learn how to publish or share your video to others.

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Activity 8: Story Challenge 1

In this activity, you will re-create a favorite storybook using your own art and imagination.

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Activity 9: Stop Motion

For this challenge, try to create a stop-motion style movie using still pictures. This style is a lot of fun but takes planning!

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