Activity 9: Stop Motion

Create fun stop-motion style movies

For this challenge, try to create a stop-motion style movie using still pictures. This style is a lot of fun but takes planning!

Stop-Motion Stories

  1. Create a story OR choose a favorite Storybook to re-create

  2. Create the art for your story

    Tip: Create backgrounds first, then create all the movable art on small pieces of paper

  3. Set everything up on a table. Good lighting helps.

  4. Take pictures. Lots of pictures. Use small-ish movements of your art in-between.

    Tip: stop motion can be very difficult if it gets too long. It could be hundreds of pictures, so keep it simple this first time. Also, have a friend or family member help: one of you holds camera, the other moves art.

  5. Upload pictures to Spark Video

  6. Arrange them in your video timeline. Keep each slide as short as possible. The default timing is 2 seconds. Lower this down to 1 second for your animated moments.

  7. Add voice over. Voice over will make that slide much longer in seconds. Pictures that work nice for longer moments of narration: nice still shots of your setting or close-ups of your characters

  8. Publish and Done!


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