Activity 11: Storyboarding

Creating a Story Video Takes planning

When you are going to create a story video, Storyboarding is a must.

Before you create a video that tells a story, you should Storyboard your story on paper. A Storyboard is a series of small pictures that makes a roadmap for your story. The pictures do not have to be great art, stick figures will do. The important part of a Storyboard is that is shows your planning and thinking.
Plan out what each “shot” of your video will show.
Your Storyboard picture should be a small representation of what the camera will show. Is it a close up shot? A wide shot? A show establishing location/setting? Plan these out ahead of time.

You don’t need to write out full dialogue on a Storyboard, but notes are helpful.
Here is a blank Storyboard template you can use. You can also find them online.

Example Storyboards:


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