Activity 3: Adding Media and Themes

Adding Themes, Photos, and Videos to Spark

In this lesson you will learn the basics of adding media to your Spark Video. You've created your first Spark Video project. Now it is time to add pictures, video, and voice to create exciting stories!

Let’s add some media to your Spark Video!
Before you add lots of media, you should first decide on Layout and Theme for your Video Project. Each time you change your Theme it will apply it to all of your Project slides. So it is best to decide before adding media.
Most media from a phone, tablet, or laptop camera can be added.


  1. Start a New Spark Video project or Open one you have made already

  2. Before adding Media, you should understand the Layout and Themes features of Spark. Watch the following video for a quick explanation:

    Layout and Themes

Adding Media to Spark Video

  1. Now its time to add some media to your Project!

If you have any trouble or errors, it sometimes helps to close the browser and reopen it (or close the app when on a phone). The file formats that Spark Video likes:

  • .mp4

  • .mov

  • .m4v

    (encoded using H.264 video codec)


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