Activity 2: Learning Spark Video Basics

Learning Spark Video Basics

Instructor Rylie will lead you through sign-on, creating a new video, and the basic interface of Adobe Spark Video. Goals: Create an Adobe account so that you can save your work Understand the difference between a Spark Video template and starting from scratch Become familiar with the layout and buttons of Spark Video

Start up your device so you can follow along!
Please watch the following videos, pausing/rewinding when necessary:

How to Sign In to Adobe Spark

How to Create a Spark Video

Spark Video User Interface

Once you have finished the videos, you should possess:

  1. A way to sign in to Adobe Spark
  2. An understanding of the Spark homepage and where to find your projects
  3. An understanding of how to start a new Spark Video project
  4. A basic familiarity with the Spark Video editing screen

If you have any trouble with 1-4, please re-watch the appropriate video.

Phone App Layout: Here is a video showing how Editing a Spark Video looks in an app on a smartphone.

See you in the next lesson!
Next up: importing media and intro to editing


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