Activity 4: Editing Spark Video

How to edit the media you place into your Spark Video Project

Now that you've added some picture or video clips, we will now learn how to edit using the Spark Video workspace. To complete this activity, have your Spark Video Project open, with media already added.

If you’ve made it this far, you are doing great! Hopefully you have a Project started and media has been added. Here is all you need to know about editing in a Spark Video Project!

Editing Timeline:

Learn how to move your pictures/videos around. Make sure your story is in chronological order!

Editing Text:

Add titles, captions, and credits to your story!

Editing Pictures:

Here are all the ways you can edit your still photos in the Spark Project. Make sure you preview your video to see how your changes affect the picture!

Editing Video:

Editing video is a little bit different than editing photos. Tip: Try to keep your video clips short to make things load faster on Spark!


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