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Kitchen Science

Ever wonder why oil and water don’t mix, why eggs turn white when you cook them, or how healthy your favorite snacks and drinks are? Join us for CART Kitchen Science and find out the answers to these and many more kitchen questions! Several experiments will be provided and demonstrated that you can do at home in your own kitchen with simple ingredients you have on hand! This camp will also teach you fun cooking tricks such as making your own ice cream, butter, and cheese! It will be fun, educational, and delicious!


Day 1: Intro to Kitchen Science & Kitchen Terminology

Activities in this lesson 1. Kitchen Utensils Video 2. Kitchen Utensils Scavenger Hunt 3. Solutions Lab 4. Emulsification Video Experiment Demos

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Day 2: Proteins

Activities in this lesson: 1. Comparing Eggs Activity 2. Protein Aggregation Video Experiment Demos

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Day 3: Carbohydrates

Activities in this lesson: 1. Think About Your Drink Video & Handout 2. Apple Oxidation Experiment 3. Rock Candy Experiment

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Day 4: Lipids

Activities in this lesson: 1. Testing for Lipids Experiment 2. Making Butter

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Day 5: Nutrition

Activities in this lesson: 1. Calorie Guessing Game 2. Sort Your Snack Video & Handout 3. Condiment Challenge 4. Iron in Cereal Experiment

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