Day 1: Intro to Kitchen Science & Kitchen Terminology

Learn the proper names and uses of a variety of kitchen tools & perform experiments in your own kitchen involving dissolving and emulsification

Activities in this lesson 1. Kitchen Utensils Video 2. Kitchen Utensils Scavenger Hunt 3. Solutions Lab 4. Emulsification Video Experiment Demos

Welcome to our CART summer academy program! Wondering if kitchen science is right for you? Check out the video below to learn more about what kitchen science is

New to the kitchen? No problem! Start by watching the “Kitchen Utensils” video provided. In this video you will learn the terminology and how to use various tools in the kitchen correctly while also learning how to make some delicious chocolate chips cookies! This lesson will help you be more comfortable with upcoming lessons that will use the tools covered in the video.

Now that you’ve seen the tools at work, it’s time to hunt down the items in your own kitchen! Use the provided handout to go on a kitchen scavenger hunt to see what utensils you have. Test your knowledge by quizzing yourself on the uses of the various utensils and then try to sort your collected items by common uses.

Click Here for Scavenger Hunt!

Let’s get to using those utensils to complete some fun at-home science experiments! Start by completing the Kool-aid mixtures experiment that will allow you to test how different factors, such as temperature, affect the rate at which drink powders will dissolve. But first, learn more about the science of solutions in the video below

Click Here a Solutions Lab

Finally, watch the emulsification video to learn more about the science of emulsification. In the video you will be guided through 3 different mini-experiments including using dish soap and egg yolks as emulsifiers as well as completing a colorful experiment with milk!

If you have any questions about an activity or need any help, please contact: Lindsey Johnson or Laurie Hayes


Powdered Drink Mix (Example: Kool Aid) 1
Vegetable Oil 1
Food Coloring 1
Egg Yolk 1
Dish Soap 1
Milk 1
Q-Tips or Cotton Balls 1
See-Through Container with Lid (Mason Jar or Tupperware) 1
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