06 - Going Forward

CART Summer Camps - Paper Aircraft

This section has some inspiration for where to go from here with paper aircraft.

Now that you have some basics down, it’s time to work on some more advanced aircraft. The links below are just a couple of resources to get you started.John Collins YouTube Channel
John Collins is considered “The Paper Airplane Guy”. He is a world record holding paper airplane pilot and has a lot of great material on paper airplanes.

Fold-n-Fly Website
This website has great folding instructions for many airplanes. Visit their YouTube channel for related videos.Fold-n-Fly YouTube Channel

Foldable Flight YouTube Channel
This content creator has some great paper aircraft as well as explanation videos that go more in depth.

The Omniwing
The Omniwing is a more advanced glider style paper airplane that uses very unique construction methods. This pays off with a flying wing with great performance.

Rotocopters are flying machines that spin to create lift as they fall. They are the closest thing to a flying paper helicopter.
Hexagon Rotocopter

Two Blade Rotocopter

Three Blade Rotocopter


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