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iRobot Simbot

The future starts here! Robots are becoming integral parts of day-to-day life, and the people who understand how they work are the problem-solvers of tomorrow. In this online experience, you'll work within a web-based framework to learn to program a simulated robot, Root. No matter what level of confidence you have at the start, by day five you'll be using scripting to automate a 'bot via a variety of sensors.


1. SimBots Introduction

This section will help you get oriented with the activities and software for this camp.

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2. Lines and Turns

*** Coming Soon! *** Follow the attached instructions to write a program which makes use of the basic movement commands for the bot.

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3. Circles and Arcs

You've moved in straight lines, now it's time to curve! This activity will introduce you to some of the ways to make curved lines.

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4. Triangle

After the circles, going back to lines should be... straight-forward. Dredge up your memories of triangles, and get ready to make some acute shapes.

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5. Star

Similar to a triangle... but more pointy. This activity will make use of loops to begin to automate the bot's process.

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6. Initials and Logos

Time to put the basics to the test! Use what you've learned of lines, arcs, and automation to get complicated.

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7. The Spiral

Round, and round, and round it goes. It doesn't stop until the simulator runs out of memory, or your processor locks up. More loops to push your hardware!

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8. Spirograph

Good thing robots don't get dizzy easily. Make use of loops and good ol' geometry to generate some mathematical patterns.

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SimBot FAQ

As we receive questions via this form, we'll post the frequently asked questions related to this camp here!

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