Popsicle Stick Collage Picture Frame

Posicle Stick Collage Picture Frame

This project is open to a lot of creative design and alterations. The frame can be changed based on the size and amount of pictures. The directions show the foundational steps, but they are not necessarily meant to be followed exactly.

  1. Begin by protecting the table with paper. I found that the back of wrapping paper works great because some have grid lines on the back.

Protect Table

  1. Choose picture you would like to frame.

Choose Pictures

  1. Organize pictures so that they are close enough that the popsicle sticks will cover the edge of each picture.

Organize Pictures

  1. Tape the pictures down. Make sure they are straight.

Tape Pictures

  1. Trace around the pictures and then remove the pictures.

Trace Pictures

  1. Lay out a plan using the popsicle sticks so that they are covering the lines.

Stick Layout

  1. You will most likely have to break or cut some of the pospsicle sticks. I used a needle nose pliers to make it easier.

Using Pliers

  1. Start with the center row and first glue any sticks that attach up or down.

Center Row

  1. After the first row dries, then add

Fortifying Center

  1. Add sticks to the rest of the design. Join the sticks together by gluing sticks on top of any gaps.

Covering Lines

Note: This does not have to look beautiful, all of it will eventually be covered. The one rule is that you do not want part of a stick to be on top and the other underneath. It will cause problems later.

Covering Lines

  1. Once all of the sticks are connected and dried, fill in the gaps between popsicle sticks on both the front and back sides. There will most likely be 2 or 3 layers of popsicle sticks.

Fill Gaps

  1. Build up sections around the photos of your choice. Glue broken pieces so that the ends of popsicle sticks stay level with other ends they are glued to.


Note: Notice the spacers on the highest parts of the frame and the way they support the popsicle stick above them.

Different Levels

  1. When each section is the height you want, then add one solid stick in the middle of each longer section as a decoration.


  1. Paint in any creative way you choose.


  1. After the paint dries, tape the pictures to the back of the frame facing the front.

Adding Photos

  1. Add either a string of hook to hang the frame. Make sure it is centered so it is not crooked.


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