Building a Maze Game

Building a Maze Game

At the end of this project, you will have created a game in which you guide a marble through a maze while trying to avoid holes for the marble to fall through.

materials for maze game

  1. Place newspaper, cardboard, or paper down to protect any furniture surface
  2. choose a cereal box that is empty
  3. Keep the bottom of the cereal box glued

Measuring for Maze Game

  1. Measure a 1 inch square on the corner of the box flap.

Cut the flap

  1. Cut the 1 inch flap. This will be where the marble is returned after it falls through a hole.

Paint or glue the maze

  1. Leave the top open, but paint or glue construction paper to cover the entire box. Make sure you do not paint one side so that the wet paint is not touching the work area. When it dries you can paint the opposite side. You will probably have to do this twice (2 coats of paint).

  1. Measure the box and on a separate piece of paper make a plan to design the maze. Where would you want holes? Where do you want barriers? Where should you start and finish?

  1. Make sure the paint on the box is dry.
  • Tape template to box.
  • Poke holes through the template and box using a pencil.
  • Remove template from box (make sure the template does not rip).
  • Determine the size of the marble and make holes big enough so the ball falls through (Consider using a thicker marker, fingers, or any other object).
  • Clean up holes from inside of box (Ask parents to help with a scraper razor if you have one).

Add straws or pencils

  1. Add straws or wooden pencils around the edges of the box as an outer boarder.

  1. Use the template to cut the correct size straws or wooden pencils.
  • Optional: You may paint the straws or pencils.
  • Glue the straws onto the board wherever you designed obstacles.
  • Use the holes as a guide for placement. Wait to dry.

  1. Glue the bottom flap of the box closed. Use the following images for reference:

Gluing the box closed 1

Gluing the box closed 2

Gluing the box closed 3

Gluing the box closed 4

Enjoy the challenge of getting the marble through the maze!

completed maze


Empty Cereal Box 1
Straws or Wood Pencils 8
Scissors 1
Glue 1
Pencil 1
Marker 1
Paints and Brush or Construction Paper 1
Piece of Scrap Wood (optional) 1
Marble or other small round object. 1
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